Annika Falk

She has been with us since 2019, but Annika Falk has known our company for over 20 years. At that time, the company where she did her training as an industrial clerk and the old EK building in Solingen were good neighbors.

So now in Haan, the circle has come full circle, namely in EK’s internal sales department. What do you do there all day? Annika Falk gets started: “Well, first I enter the order, then I enter the outgoing goods card to shipping and check whether the goods are in the warehouse, otherwise I talk to production so that the goods are produced. Once everything is ready and the goods are packed, I get the outgoing goods card back and prepare the paperwork, possibly declare the goods to customs or call the shipping company.” Her job gets a little more stressful every day, she says, because in Corona times it’s anything but easy to get the goods delivered. The transfer of goods to Italy, France and Poland, for example, is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

The self-confessed Solingen-Ohligserin is delighted,
(O-Ton: “I am Olx-Ultra!”) to her cozy apartment in an old building with a direct and unobstructable view of the Galileum. This is the fabulous new observatory, she responds to the prompt inquiry with a discreetly implied lack of understanding. “The old gas tank! The new planetarium!” This is probably one of the most photographed objects in the small district, thanks in part to Annika Falk, who is a passionate amateur photographer with professional equipment that she has expanded bit by bit. She has already completed various courses at different photography schools, “You learn the most from the professionals!”, and knows portrait photography very well. Her friends are all taking advantage of this right now, she says with a smile, to have beautiful portrait shots taken of themselves.

She herself dreams of combining her great passion with a second one – namely, to travel around the world a lot and with pleasure with friends, paying a visit to every continent at least once. Only Australia was still missing! Last year, by the way, she visited Dubai, excursion by jeep over the desert dunes and barbecue under a fabulous starry sky included. And Dubai should be it again this year. Although her biggest dream is still waiting to be fulfilled – an animal safari to Botswana. No day under 5,000 photos!