© Foto: D. Schumacher

That’s what Torsten Sayn likes about EK: “Every day is different, every day brings new challenges, there’s no time for routine. The experienced key account manager, who is responsible for the entire DACH region, knows what he’s talking about – after all, he’s been with EK for 16 years.

Torsten Sayn sees himself as the interface between sales, production, logistics and quality management when it comes to recording customer requirements and calculating quotations, negotiating contracts for delivery services and preparing meetings with reports to the management. And is also looking forward to ambitious new projects such as the individual modification of a proven EK connector from the PSC series for the relaunched profile of a leading system provider. “We looked at the samples of the profiles in the EK team, checked the drawings and then analyzed how we could adapt and optimize the fastener.” When, at the end of the day, a highly satisfied customer gives the go-ahead for EK to manufacture and supply the new connector, Torsten Sayn knows that he and the entire EK team have done a good job.

From Bochum to the world

So much love for the details of the profile and connector does not come by chance. After all, glass as a material is already part of its DNA through a family-owned company in the Ruhr region. He had also worked there in a management position for eight years before moving to EK. Now Torsten Sayn lives together with his life partner in the “beautiful Bochum”. He is happy when he can walk with her along the banks of the nearby Ruhr River after work or – also right on his doorstep – go inline skating at the popular Kemnader Lake. Or he devotes himself to one of his two favorite sports right next door on the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path: bicycling and jogging.

Like everyone, the two had to cut back on vacations last year. They usually go to new countries they want to get to know, such as California, Thailand, South Africa or Australia with Sydney and Melbourne, including a helicopter flight over the Great Barrier Reef. “A huge experience and a great experience. Traveling is our very big hobby. After that, we’re actually always due for a week off after the vacation to process all the impressions.” But recently they were each able to make a tandem paragliding flight a reality for themselves in South Tyrol. A so-called thermal flight: “Takeoff at an altitude of 1,500 meters, via thermals we ascend to 2,500 meters and after an hour we landed safely back on the ground at an altitude of 600 meters. That was something completely new and very special.” Next on the agenda is a tandem parachute jump. Could Torsten Sayn imagine such a leap without a trainer? “If it’s fun, we’ll see. I’m open to anything!”