Heavenly beautiful, hellishly good

Often a wellness vacation helps to gain new perspectives. Removed from everything mundane, the world usually looks different. The Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus in South Tyrol has taken this idea to the extreme with a sensational, visionary Sky Spa – or rather, turned it on its head.

It almost seems as if the small village of huts is reflected in a completely calm lake: three gables stretch into the clear sky above the Dolomites, three jut downward like finger points to the green Pustertal valley. The only difference is that the upper huts do not stand on the water’s edge, but 15 meters above the ground, supported by only two slender pillars clad in larch wood. And its counterpart is not a mirror image, but consists of three quite real, albeit upside down hanging buildings.

Above and below: This quickly conjures up the image of heaven and hell. And indeed, the new architectural highlight of the Wellness World is called “Heaven & Hell”. The spa area of the Hotel Hubertus in Olang/Valdaora stands out heavenly from everything that has come before and promises hellishly good relaxation. The spectacular, free-floating platform of the “cottage village” towers far above the hotel and is accessible via an almost transparent bridge. There, heaven on earth awaits the guests, so to speak: The view sweeps over the fascinating rock formations of the Dolomites while they enjoy their time-out in the lounger or seated whirlpool on the upper level. For those who like it hot, a staircase leads to the lower level, to hell – with more saunas, nude whirlpool and cold chamber. The view from hell also presents itself as simply heavenly.

But how did this design headstand come about? The concept of the architecture and design studio noa*, based in Bolzano and Berlin, deliberately plays with the horizon line, with the idea of upside-down and with divergent perspectives. “The essence of this project is the inversion of horizons and the resulting effect of wonder for the viewer,” explains Lukas Rungger, lead architect for the project and co-founder of noa*. “Shifting perspectives is a very common exercise in spas, where views are constantly changing depending on whether you’re lying in the sauna, sitting in the relaxation room or diving headfirst into the pool.”

Already the iconic infinity pool of the Hubertus, which noa* also designed, has been towering over the valley as a floating platform since 2016, seemingly defying gravity like an erratic block between earth and sky. The landscape reflected in the water of the pool provided the basic idea for “Heaven & Hell”: to build something that appears as if reflected on the surface of the water. By the way, the inverted roofs contain the technology for sauna heat and whirlpool spa.

But above all, the mirrored huts with their 360-degree views put the real protagonist of this wellness oasis in a magnificent perspective: the landscape of valleys and mountains with its harmony of above and below.



Alpine Panorama Hotel Hubertus

Also between heaven and earth, in a tranquil place in the middle of the Dolomites, is the Hotel Hubertus in Valdaora. Surrounded by imposing Dolomite peaks with their impressive rock faces, the hotel sees itself as a place of tranquility, joie de vivre and inspiration.

Who would like to treat itself to a time-out at this special place and enjoy Wellness in “Heaven & Hell”, finds out more under www.hotel-hubertus.com as well as by E-Mail to info@hotel-hubertus.com and by telephone under +39 0474 59 21 04.