Even if he describes himself as rather taciturn: When Marcus Kühntopp describes his many tasks and goals as Commercial Director at EK, a few sentences are not enough. The 52-year-old wants the business management processes to accommodate EK’s continued growth.

Since joining EK in March 2022, Marcus Kühntopp has managed a considerable workload: In his day-to-day work, so to speak, he looks after financial accounting, human resources, and to a certain extent sales and purchasing as well. At the same time, however, he is concerned about the future: “We want to adapt the commercial and business management processes to the current and future size of the company. To do this, it is necessary to restructure controlling and cost accounting,” he outlines. “The first thing is to understand all the processes and how certain topics are mapped in the ERP system. Looking at everything in more detail from the value flow side will keep us busy for a very long time.”

In parallel, Marcus Kühntopp is helping to further strengthen the EK team. “We have already found very good people for purchasing and controlling. Of course, we are always looking for motivated trainees in production and toolmaking.”

His own career was not a classic one, but a consistent one. While studying business administration, he also worked in finance and “on the side” graduated as an accountant. He was then hired as the designated successor for the commercial management in a company for special machines; a position he successfully filled for many years starting in 2006. When the opportunity arose to move to EK, it appealed to him right away. “My previous company was part of a listed group and there were many personnel changes in the management and leadership team. At EK, I have found my way back into a family-run company where I can play a part in shaping things,” explains Marcus Kühntopp.

He finds the overall package at EK ideal: “The company is a manageable size, both in terms of business volume and the number of employees. It is innovative and has a strong market position. Above all, there are a lot of great people here, a nice togetherness. There is a pleasant relationship of trust within the management team. EK obviously has a good hand for its workforce. And even though I’ve already talked to many, I’m still getting to know all my colleagues.”