EK boosts performance in terms of delivery reliability and efficiency

Excellent product quality and EK’s high delivery reliability have always been the two most important performance features for sustained customer satisfaction. But in the same way, EK has always consistently pursued its corporate philosophy of always wanting to make good things better. So in order to increase EK’s delivery reliability once again, the OTD/OEE performance program was initiated.

After involving the responsible EK team coaches and informing all employees about the goals of the performance program, the program was launched in January 2021. The first step was to explain the importance of the metrics of OTD (On Time Delivery) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for the performance evaluation of companies. After all, delivery reliability and quality are generally determined to a large extent by planning and its effective implementation in production. Because machine availability, machine efficiency and the quality factor influence both delivery reliability and production quality, these three criteria are used to determine the relevant key figures.

Interim report shows: EC is on the right track

It is thus clear that the main factors influencing the desired increase in performance at EK are to be found specifically in the shortening of setup processes and the reduction of mold rework. The ongoing project will also be accompanied by further optimization of the number of strokes, greater flexibility in machine utilization, and strengthening of the organization in resource management.

A first interim report on goals already achieved was given in May 2021. Among other things, the report also listed the effective and newly established communication measures, such as team boards in logistics and production to provide quick and direct information on current key figures, as well as the newly introduced now daily production meetings.

Ralf M. Kronenberg, who is closely involved in the OTD/OEE performance program, is satisfied with the results already achieved: “Without exception, all the relevant key figures are pointing in the right direction. My thanks for this go to the highly motivated EK employees and the responsible team and project managers. We will systematically drive this positive trend forward in the coming months.”

What does OTD and OEE mean?

OTD stands for ‘On Time Delivery’: The parameter defines the delivery reliability via the completion of an order on time. OEE stands for ‘Overall Equipment Effectiveness’: The key figure describes the overall equipment effectiveness.