‘Ferramentum’ – a tribute in steel

Powerful and impressive, the new sculpture stands in the entrance area of EK. ‘Ferramentum’ is what its creator, artist Michael Schrader, has called it – the ‘iron device’ forged from pure steel. He dedicates the artwork to all the people who live and work with the steel. That’s why it has also found its place at EK, just in time for the company’s 155th anniversary. EK-Connect spoke with the artist about his sculpture.

Mr. Schrader, what does your sculpture ‘Ferramentum’ stand for?

It stands for itself. One should see the rawness and roughness of the sculpture. It is not designed to be beautiful and perfect, but refers to its production process: after all, it confronts us as a steel blank. Maybe it would have become something very beautiful, but maybe something dark, dangerous.

At the same time, you describe the sculpture as a dedication to all people who live and work with the steel.

Yes, it is the appreciation of man’s technological progress. His incredible creativity in creating the first arrow forges in Africa, then developing the kilns in China, and finally cooking iron into steel in huge blast furnaces.

‘Ferramentum’ is 4 meters high and weighs 4 tons. How do you process such a colossus?

Just like the blacksmiths in the last centuries! When tons are moved, teamwork is required, today in the modern version: A so-called manipulator driver with a transporter and huge tongs takes the slab weighing tons, i.e. the ingot of cast steel, out of the furnace and drives it to the press. A second helper operates the press while I coordinate and monitor the production process.