The best of both worlds: the EK Hybrid connector

Successful market launch of an innovative idea: After its highly acclaimed premiere at the glasstec trade show in Düsseldorf, the new hybrid steel straight connector with plastic bridge has become very well established on the market in a very short time. The new product combines the best properties of straight connectors made of steel and plastic and thus offers optimum and secure sealing of the profile back, especially for large insulating glass units. “The interest in this new solution was very strong right from the start,” says Managing Director Ralf M. Kronenberg, looking back. “The share of large units in the market is steadily increasing and our new solution is ideally suited for this.” In fact, the steel straight connectors of the new CT Ultra series combine the respective advantages of the EK STEEL and EK POLO Connect product lines. “With their pipe-in-pipe principle, we guarantee maximum safety in the processing procedure,” explains Kronenberg.

Initial customer feedback confirms the high expectations for the new hybrid solution. The first series of the innovative connectors received consistently very good reviews from users because it solves a large number of potential problems: it compensates for tolerances when cutting the spacers to size, ensures efficient filling of the frames with desiccant, seals the joint all the way around and increases their stability – especially in the case of very large units, the so-called jumbo frames.

EK initially introduced the new technology for the Chromatech Ultra spacers. “Also against the background of the extremely positive customer feedback, we are currently projecting designs for other manufacturers of spacers and will implement them promptly,” says Ralf M. Kronenberg. The new product is by no means intended to replace the well-known and proven EK SC L series without plastic bridge: “Rather, we are offering it as an alternative for special applications and ‘complicated’ processing,” specifies Kronenberg.

The perfect combination of steel and plastic: the hybrid longitudinal connector from EK.