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EK as sponsor and development partner

EK supports the robotics club at Haan High School.

Youth researches: The Bohlebots, the robotics work group of the Städtisches Gymnasium Haan, are one of the most successful international teams in robotics competitions. In robot soccer, the young tinkerers have already become German champions, European champions and world champions several times – thanks in part to EK’s technical and financial support.

Bohlebots ahead, another goal: Wherever the robotics group of the Haaner Gymnasium, which was founded at the turn of the millennium, has competed in robot soccer in the past, it has usually been successful. The more than 50 students from grades 5 to 12 put the fear of God into the competition in different classes, each of which has its own special requirements. While in the “1vs1 open” and “2vs2 open” categories pretty much anything is technically allowed, the robots in the “2vs2 lightweight” category may weigh a maximum of 1100 grams.

EK brings a lot to the Bohlebots rolling

In addition to the eponymous Bohle AG, one of the world’s leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of glass fittings, tools, machines and industrial products as well as consumables for glass processing and finishing, EK is one of the most important sponsors of the Bohlebots. In addition to providing financial support, for example for travel expenses, we also act as a development partner for the students. Among other things, the EK specialists helped develop the robot tires. The result: higher precision and more stability in the multidimensional travel.

Sponsorship as a profitable commitment for all parties involved

EK, in turn, uses the partnership to maintain close contact with the next generation, setting up internships for the students, for example. In addition, the cooperation with the Bohlebots serves the training and further education of the company’s own employees. And finally, EK uses the network of supporting companies for a cooperative and productive exchange.



© Photo: EK