EC measures against Corona

Since the end of last year and the beginning of 2021, testing and vaccination offers against the Corona virus have become part of everyday life. EK has also been a staunch participant in the virus containment efforts at its facility. The success speaks for itself – or better: for the consistent health policy of our company!

When the 2020 pandemic first emerged, EK was already among the advocates of the recommendations set out by the German Federal Health Office and the Robert Koch Institute. At first, we had doubled and tripled hygiene measures in the company – including the installation of countless touch-free hygiene dispensers. After politics and medicine deemed the use of mouth-nose masks to be sensible, EK also procured this effective health protection for its employees at its own expense. Likewise, EK made sure that the AHA rules were strictly followed in all parts of the building and by all employees. At the same time, we promoted the home office option for colleagues at an early stage, as far as operational needs allowed, and made and continue to make intensive use of communication via online meetings. Since the start of the test release, EK employees have been offered in-house testing twice a week. And finally, EK made it possible for all employees to take advantage of the long-awaited vaccination offer without any complications.

Good planning for the best care

Even at the height of the Corona crisis, EK always kept customer orientation in mind as its primary corporate objective. Maintaining the ability to deliver in order to secure supplies to our customers was always the focus throughout the entire period. Yet EK has probably made it through the crisis better than many other companies. The reasons are quickly listed:

  • Right at the start of the pandemic, the highly professional expertise of EK’s purchasing and resource management departments made it possible to cover the demand for strategically important materials for production, such as steel strip and various plastics, quickly and at short notice.
  • The enormous bonus of trust that EK enjoys with virtually all its suppliers guarantees not only a close and constructive exchange with them, but also the long-term scheduling of materials up to one year in advance.
  • EK Logistics opens up further room for maneuver by promptly creating new warehouse capacity, including equipping it with appropriate racking systems.