The sales professional works at EK as a tender and project manager. Customer inquiries, tool inquiries, material inquiries, inquiries about external service providers, calculating quotations, issuing offers – all this and more is part of the challenges that Marcus Schmitz faces every day.

Anyone who listens to Marcus Schmitz talk about his long career as a project manager at various renowned companies gets an intense impression of how stressful and family-unfriendly such a job can sometimes be. For example, he has worked in advance quality planning for OEMs of major automotive manufacturers, including business trips to various manufacturing sites. But being away from home 5 days a week also meant that Marcus Schmitz only saw his two daughters, now grown up, on weekends that were far too short.

To prevent this from happening to him again with his five-year-old son, he looked for a company with in-house production. Marcus Schmitz has now been with EK for just over a year – and makes an incredibly happy impression. He sums it up like this: “I can work freely and flexibly and usually decide on my own until prototypes are offered. My colleagues are all super friendly and nice. And throughout the company, all the technology is in fabulous top condition!”

Now Marcus Schmitz also finds the time after work to look after his partner and son and to plan their vacations together in peace. Like last year’s vacation trip for the whole family to a rented apartment in Istria, Croatia. By the way, we are currently planning an all-round carefree hotel vacation in Novo Sancti Petri, one of the most popular resorts in Andalusia with a kilometer-long sandy beach.

Or time to play tennis in the club. Or to watch a soccer game with his son in the evening. Or time to tell him how he, Marcus Schmitz, was put on skis at Kitzbühel in Austria when he was just five years old. And that it would soon be time for him, Schmitz junior, too. Or that they will soon be going to Lake Garda again, where his great-granduncle used to take the whole family cruising around on his own motorboat. All this is real quality of life for Marcus Schmitz – and for his son. A real work-life balance – made by EK.